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Thanks, Cranston. Your comment is appreciated. November in Norway....this is it, on a sunny day!

Added on 2013/11/29

I really like this video! Refreshingly young spirit, refreshingly “raw” footage, jumpcuts, intuitive/impuls filming edited without disturbing “effects”. A nicely documented trip to town – and one gets the feeling of going with you. Well done!

Added on 2012/06/04

Thank you for commenting! Yes, I've seen your video. Nice editorial work!On top, I value the use of "not-ripped" music!

Added on 2012/05/20

I have done photography for more years than video. Having a good photo-editor I find to be a must besides the video-editor. The photo is prepared in a photo-editor. Applying a slow fade between that and the photo itself result in what you see. Making a sort of documentary like this, mixing photo and video, one should pay attention to what goes where- both in colour-setting and how the video is built. I had a hard time keeping it to 10 min.!

Added on 2012/04/24

Thank you very much for your kind comment.You are right about the rendering. I pre-render a lot. Due to capacity of my pc(s) it has developed in to a working flow.Also,when doing the voice-over I find I have more control when the actual video is "steady" and on one track.I don't do the voice over in PD.

Added on 2012/04/24

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